Thursday, 27 September 2012

Kapu Tickle Toy Camera

Kapu Tickle Toy Camera brings a totally new type of gameplay to babies, toddlers and beyond.

Kapu Toys is proud to release ”Kapu Tickle Toy Camera” for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It’s a digital toy that activates and entertains with surprising gameplay, guaranteeing laughs for the kids and fun for the whole family.

Kapu Toys’ latest release Kapu Tickle Toy Camera presents a whole new type of gameplay for kids, combining classic kids games and toys such as peek-a-boo, tickle tag and the jumping-jack puppet with modern technology; specifically the use of camera.
The game uses beautifully crafted original illustrations, inspired by 1950’s classic children’s books. The music, also exclusively composed for the toy, adds a cheery and exciting mood.

About Kapu Tickle Toy Camera

The gameplay and intuitive controls have been designed so that there is no wrong way to play with the toy; everything the kids do will make it work.

How to play
  • Tickle the characters and make them laugh by poking them.
  • Change any character into something totally new by pulling the string under the doll up or down.
  • Turn yourself or your kid into one of the characters by taking a photo!
  • Create new worlds and stories by changing the background to a photo of your kids’ favorite place!
  • Or just mix them all up and enjoy the ride.
There are no high-scores, time limits or difficulty levels - just endless fun for the tiny ones.
Fun with the camera
  • The toy teaches children how to use the iPhone or iPad camera safely and in a fun way.
  • It activates children to move around to find new things to capture.
  • Photos are not saved to your camera roll or photo stream.
  • No location tagging on photos – fully maintaining the privacy of the children!
Seven characters to tickle
  • The Fuzzy Monster, Princess Viola, Curly Girl, Astronaut Boy, Cuddly Bear, Lumber Jake and the Purr Cat
  • Endless exciting and surprising character variations
  • Heart-warmingly funny responses from the characters
  • High-quality Retina graphics with classic 1950’s inspired illustrations.
  • Playful sounds and colorful animations
  • Exclusively composed music played with real instruments
  • Innovative gameplay and intuitive controls for kids
  • Parental Controls; manage the gameplay time in a few easy clicks

Swipe it! Tickle it! Picture it!
“What’s more gratifying than to give away smiles and laughs? With Kapu Tickle Toy Camera, we’ll be giving them away by the bucketload. We’re confident that the intuitive and fun gameplay, mixed with the beautiful illustrations will make Kapu Tickle Toy Camera an app to come back to over and over again.” –Tuomas Vanamo, Founder of Kapu Toys
Kapu Tickle Toy Camera is completely free from in app purchases and third party advertising; parents can let their kids play without needing to worry about additional costs or disturbing ads.


Kapu Tickle Toy Camera is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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