Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Touch Learn Know - Weather & Seasons

How's the weather today? Is it windy, rainy, sunny, cloudy, stormy or snowy? Which season is your favourite?

 Write, listen, speak, draw, paint, discover and explore the wonderful world of weather and seasons through the exciting, interactive and educational Touch Learn Know - Weather & Seasons. 

 Designed by teachers to encourage the process of inquiry with an investigative and visual approach, children will love learning about weather/seasonal words, sounds and objects through a variety of richly educational activities and tools.


Beautiful, fully interactive 'season' screens with buttons to take full control of the weather!
Fun flashcard matching game to learn topic-based sight words and their correct pronunciation.
Handwriting tool with clearly printed fonts to practice tracing/writing all of the words.
Stunning drawing/painting tool to create your own seasonal artwork or choose from eight fantastic illustrations to color in.
Completely child-friendly interface with simple navigation, clear large buttons and no advertising or links to external sites. Perfect for classroom use.
Nostalgic and engaging 'felt-board' style design.
Perfect for all children learning to read, write and speak about the world around them!

Pricing and Availability: Touch Learn Know - Weather & Seasons can be purchased for $2.99 , from the App Store on the iPad


Little Star's Review!

Touch Learn Know - Weather and Seasons

Touch learn know weather and seasons, is a fantastic Felt board style app. That teaches many things, there are 3 main titles to start from
Touch Seasons. In this you have options on the left that give you the choice of a season from Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring.

Then the voice over will come over and tell you which one you have picked.
You also have options on the left the cause affect to the season when you press it
You have storm, Rain, Wind. Snow, Cloudy, Sunny.
This teaches your child cause and affect as well as learning it Rains in autumn, It Snows in winter, today is windy which is how I used this with my kids.

In the painting section you get to choose 9 different Canvases the last being a blank page for your child to create anything, It has a camera option so you can take a photo
of your master piece, with 4 different brush options and an eraser for those tiny mistakes and a good selection of Felt colours it is really fun to use

You can choose all sorts of words by picture, Bee Clouds Rainbow, Rabbit, Leaves etc and you can choose to write it in small, Big and small. And all big letters.
you also have an option to have the trace word there or you can take the trace word away as your child becomes more accustom to writing by themselves.

Sight Words / Flash Cards

Then you have the Sight words Listening game it is a cute game
where it is also not to hard for the younger ones as you can press the word
and a voice over says what it is so they can match the picture with the word
everytime you get one right you get a gold star which my 4 year old daughter

Overall I give this app 4 Little Stars, I think it is fun and interactive that really teaches your child without it becoming an actual lesson. I love the felt idea it gave it a more child craft look to the app.

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