Tuesday, 4 September 2012

WIN!: Little Learning Tots $20 ITunes Card!

Little Star A.R.G are very excited to announce a Super Fantastic Giveaway. From our ever favourite Developer Little Learning Tots and Pixel Interactive. In Celebration of their newly released App Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt and their Free version Fido's Treehouse Adventure 
But first before we get to the goodies i would like to give little more info on this awesome app.

Here's a unique FREE PLAY game for your kids!

Fido Treehouse Adventure comes with outdoor and indoor environment that simulate real-life interactivity, providing endless fun for kids to explore and play. It is safe, it is fun, it is great for curious kids!

Fido's Treehouse Adventure is a great kids app designed for

● independent play and learn 
● learn by exploration 
● inquisitive play and learn 

You and your children will definitely bond over a session of Fido's Treehouse Adventure!

                     Don't believe me on how cool this app is ? check out the demo!!

Okay now let's go over the rules my Rafflecopter Treasure Hunters :-)

The first two options are mandatory ! No iF 's , No But's , it has to be done ! .
But once you have done them you open them up to more optional tasks, too gain more rafflecopter scavenger points! .

These Tasks include:


1) Like my page facebook!
2) Like our wonderful hosts Facebook page


3) Share Fido's Review on FB :-) not this blog the link has been provided in the rafflecopter
4) Donate to iHelp SN Kids Feature Member Logan  Link also in the rafflecopter
5) Give an Honest review on what you think of  Fido's Treehouse Adventure [FREE] OR
Fido's Treehouse Scavenger Hunt [$1.99] Via your iTunes .
You can download the free version if you don't own it .

If you are the winner you get to choose if you want to be gifted the iTunes card OR pick the cash via paypal 

What are you waiting for ? Let's get to entering!! Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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