Friday, 5 October 2012

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sentence Builder by AbiTalk

Sentence Builder

A fun new sentence builder app to learn about words, sentences, pronunciation, grammar, and punctuation.

The ONLY sentences app that can be fully customized with your own pictures, words and sentences.

We worked closely with teachers, parents and kids to design and test this app.
Students can move the words around to build the sentence themselves. Start with the built-in sentences. Then create your own sentences, use your own images, and use your voice to record your own sentences and words.

 Each word can be clicked for the sound of the word, and words can be rearranged to make a proper sentence.

 The app starts with simple sentences and progresses to more complex sentences. The sentences focus on daily life situations, with many references to numbers, colors, and dialogue.

 This app is ideal for self-paced learning or home schooling. It teaches kids grammar, sentence structure, and develops their listening skills.

 This game is is like having a private tutor to teach your child one on one.

What's New in Version 1.07
* Added 200 more built-in sentences
* Support longer sentences up to 40 words per sentence
* Allows users to create unlimited self created sentences
* Added Dropbox sync feature to allow users to share the self created content among different iPads
* Supports Multiple User Accounts
* Added Progress Report for each user
* Allows users to take photos from the camera when they create their own sentences
* Users can use the built-in images to create their own sentences
* Many user experience improvements
* Minor bug fixes

Price and Availability

Sentence Builder App is available at the app store for $2.99 for iPad 


Little Star Review
Sentence Builder App is a fantastic app that has everything , all the lessons  you need to teach your child ,  you have your very own personal Tutor . 
you can either use the preselected lessons or you can create your very own lessons .
which i found great as my son is not is the general level other apps use to build their apps on.

You can use the pre selected lesson's which is very detailed each section has

1. Subject+Verb+Adverb
2. Subject+Verb+Noun
3. Subject+Be + Adverb
4. Subject+Verb+Adjective
5. Colours and Numbers
6. Subject-Verb-Object
7. Subject-can-Verb
8. Subject-Verb-Object
9. Who,What,Where,When,Which,and Why
10. Time of Day
11. Seasons
12. Days Of the Week

 So let's go with the preselected first . You have 2 levels 
The first level is the basic , let's go with Colours and Numbers .
You start the lesson which as 25 sentences to work with and it works through all 25 sentences .
The first one is " His house is white."
it first says the whole sentence , Then the child has to move each word into the sentence .
while pressing each word it says the word the child has chosen .  

Even if they can't read they can do it by listening to the words  to see if they have it right you click on the tick and it will either cheer or make a sound to say it is wrong so you have to try again .
Once the child has the sentence in the right order it says the sentence again and the child is rewarded with people cheering and a little Diamond sparkles . then it moves onto the next sentence .  

On the harder Level 2
going with the same "His house is white. " it says the exact same sentence but this time it has all added words  so the child has to work out the right words , either by pressing the word or reading it .

Or you can create your own  which is so easy to do !! or you can use the voice on the app  you can use your own pictures or you can use the preloaded ones on the app . what i found great is you can use your own voice , which i did . you create the sentence you want to go with the picture then you press record as you can see on my picture :-)  . you say the whole sentence , then it goes on for you to record each word

Overall this is a great app , I do think that the reward system could be revamped
to something like 
putting  a reward system instead of the little shining diamond; where they get to pick a star of their choice and stick it on a reward prize board.
And instead of the sound it makes when you get the sentence wrong it should say something like "Uh-Oh, Try Again."

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sarah The Little Fairy , Grandma gets lost!

Interactive story from the collection Sarah the Little Fairy. Stories that children will enjoy and which help them to understand some of life’s more complicated issues. Surprise your son or daughter with their photo as one of the stars of the story!

 Sarah has a very special secret: her magic doll Mina. 
When Sarah finds herself in a jam or needs some answers, she always turns to Mina. She just tickles her doll and says the magic words … and she comes to life as a real fairy!
Come and enjoy Sarah’s fun adventures between the real world and her own fantastic magical one.
A story with special animations for kids to find on some screens.

Grandma Gets Lost. Sarah learns about Alzheimer’s disease.
Sarah and her family are getting the room ready for Grandma Mary, who is coming to live with them. She’s not very well, and everybody wants to help make her feel better. Her illness makes her forget certain things.

One day hundreds of shining stars appear in Sarah’s bedroom. Where did they come from? The fairy Mina uses them to show Sarah how to understand her Grandma’s illness, Alzheimer’s. And Sarah can use what she learns to find her Grandma and give the story a happy ending. Fun and learning for the family!

PLUS: Additional content to complement what’s taught as the main point of the story.

* Interactive educational app
* For ages 5 to 9
* Intuitive navigation
* Narrative in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Catalan
* With fun animation and surprises
* A variety of interactive elements
* Bring the story’s character to life with a surprise photo of your son or daughter
* Option to read without sound
* Original music and sound effects
* Test questions on the subject with a congratulations icon for the champion!
* Additional games
* Menu on every screen: Narrative on/off, Music on/off, Home, Games
* Bookshop
* Clues in the text to show where to discover additional content
* Contact: Facebook, twitter, email

Price & Availability
Sarah little fairy and grandma for iPad is available at the app store for $2.99

Little Star Review 

Sarah Learns about Alzheimer's Disease
is a story that is close to my heart  as my grandmother had Alzheimer's Disease amongst other things .
This beautiful illustrated and interactive story talks about Sarah and how her family are getting the house ready for this grandmother to come and live in .
It explains just what Alzheimer's is and how it affects the person and their loved ones.

For instance forgetting peoples names , what they look like , even forgetting the question they ask and repeatedly ask the same question as my wonderful nanny did .

One day Sarah's grandmother goes missing and no one can find her so Sarah goes to her magical fairy who then goes on to explain about the brain and shows it in an illustration of stars with pictures that Sarah can understand .she talks about Neurons and each star in the illustration is a neuron that hold a memories like a spoon  a scarf or even soup and so the spoon neuron's arm reaches out to the soup and so that's how we know that we eat soup with a spoon .

Then the Fairy shows Sarah a big black stone which represents Alzheimer's and the stone is eating that arm of the spoon neuron so now there isn't a connector to allow that person to know that we eat soup with a spoon .
it goes on to explain how people with Alzheimer's remember everything in their past but not what happens in the present day .

This is a fantastic book that will explain a lot of things we can't comprehend and shows just what a person affected with this disease goes through . They do understand what is happening to them but the debilitating disease jumbles up their minds .

This also has a great questionnaire at the end to see if you have really understood the book and also has a delightful memory game with music instead of pictures so you can match the sounds .

I recommend getting this book if one of your family members or someone you know
is affected so you can explain to your child or even to yourself what this disease is about and understand it.

The Magnificent Travelling Palace

The Magnificent Travelling Palace is a unique magical adventure story told through the eyes of 4 children on an amazing journey. 

 Reading and experiencing this high quality, interactive book app the readers will “dive” into a world of imagination and excitement filled with colors, sounds, and tastes while learning about the Indian rich culture. 
The storybook's rich music score and sounds, together with original astonishing 3D illustrations and animations, create an enchanting atmosphere through which the story comes alive.
Recommended Ages: 5+ 

Notable Features included in the App that will enhance your experience:

26 Stunning 3D computer illustrations and animations
Original music and authentic sound effects
3 reading options (auto play, read it to me, read it myself)
Sweet Indian dessert recipe with full narration
“Meet the cast" – Meet the heroes of this beautiful story
surprisingly ,funny and enjoyable interactive features that your child will love- tilt, drag, paint etc
Available on the app store in both American and British English 

“PlaneTree Family Productions” presents an experience based stories which introduces children with exciting worlds of diverse cultures, while stimulating their imagination, natural curiosity and encourage the creation of empathy to one another.

Price & Availability 

The Magnificent Travelling Palace is available at the app store for iPad for only $2.99


                                                                          Watch the Video!!


Little Star's Thought's. 
The Magnificent Travelling Palace is a wonderful story  that takes place in Udaipur India also known as The City Of The Lakes  where the main characters Rajeev and Lalita  live. The amazing vibrant  and colourful illustrations and animations are fantastic, With  traditional Indian Music , and in-depth information about India's culture brings this adventure to life . This book also has a recipe for an Indian dessert that children can make ! .

I really like how you can press the words of the story and it enlarges making reading easier or you can press the little triangle and the text completely disappears so you can enjoy the picture. 
I also like how the book gets you involved  with everything , and has pointers for younger kids where to press to interact and painting was fun .