Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Magnificent Travelling Palace

The Magnificent Travelling Palace is a unique magical adventure story told through the eyes of 4 children on an amazing journey. 

 Reading and experiencing this high quality, interactive book app the readers will “dive” into a world of imagination and excitement filled with colors, sounds, and tastes while learning about the Indian rich culture. 
The storybook's rich music score and sounds, together with original astonishing 3D illustrations and animations, create an enchanting atmosphere through which the story comes alive.
Recommended Ages: 5+ 

Notable Features included in the App that will enhance your experience:

26 Stunning 3D computer illustrations and animations
Original music and authentic sound effects
3 reading options (auto play, read it to me, read it myself)
Sweet Indian dessert recipe with full narration
“Meet the cast" – Meet the heroes of this beautiful story
surprisingly ,funny and enjoyable interactive features that your child will love- tilt, drag, paint etc
Available on the app store in both American and British English 

“PlaneTree Family Productions” presents an experience based stories which introduces children with exciting worlds of diverse cultures, while stimulating their imagination, natural curiosity and encourage the creation of empathy to one another.

Price & Availability 

The Magnificent Travelling Palace is available at the app store for iPad for only $2.99


                                                                          Watch the Video!!


Little Star's Thought's. 
The Magnificent Travelling Palace is a wonderful story  that takes place in Udaipur India also known as The City Of The Lakes  where the main characters Rajeev and Lalita  live. The amazing vibrant  and colourful illustrations and animations are fantastic, With  traditional Indian Music , and in-depth information about India's culture brings this adventure to life . This book also has a recipe for an Indian dessert that children can make ! .

I really like how you can press the words of the story and it enlarges making reading easier or you can press the little triangle and the text completely disappears so you can enjoy the picture. 
I also like how the book gets you involved  with everything , and has pointers for younger kids where to press to interact and painting was fun .

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