Touch Learn Know : Weather & Seasons
How's the weather today? Is it windy, rainy, sunny, cloudy, stormy or snowy? Which season is your favourite?
Write, listen, speak, draw, paint, discover and explore the wonderful world of weather and seasons through the exciting, interactive and educational Touch Learn Know - Weather & Seasons. 

The Tortoise And The Hare : REMATCH by See Here Studios

 What happens AFTER the Tortoise and the Hare’s famous race? Written and illustrated by Wallace E. Keller, the creator of the best-selling children’s book app “The Wrong Side of the Bed 3D,” REMATCH begins with a retelling of the classic fable and adds a hilarious new continuation to the story.

Build & Play 3D by Pronetis Kids
A fun game for kids to learn how to build cars, ships, airplanes, trains and more by piecing together all the parts in 3D! Inspired by classic toys, Build Play 3D is an entertaining educational game for ages 3 and up that encourages kids to discover, play, solve and learn. 

Mood Colours by iBurger Apps

Mood Colors by iBurger Apps , Is a great little app that sets the mood for any situation from romantic too lulling your child to sleep

The Magnificent Travelling Palace

The Magnificent Travelling Palace is a wonderful story  that takes place in Udaipur India also known as The City Of The Lakes  where the main characters Rajeev and Lalita  live. 

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