Monday, 3 September 2012

Review : Mood Colors by iBurger Apps

Mood Colors has endless uses and can perfectly fit various situations :
. Light therapy
. Enjoy a romantic dinner / moment, embellishing your living room, terrace or garden
. Relax in your bedroom or bathroom
. Fall asleep quietly with the sleep mode
. Play with effects on your walls or ceilings, while in a party, into a camping tent, with friends...
. Help children feel safe with the nighlight use, in their bedrooms or in holidays
. Use with a home-made light diffusing system,
paper     tube / plastic bottle lying on the screen.

Mood Colors offers the following features :
. Numerous layers for displaying living colors with various shapes !
Choose the one you prefer or which is best for the situation
. Pick up precisely the color that fits your mood, or enjoy the auto mode and its colors waves
. Set the speed of colors changes in auto mode
. Adjust brightness according to the situation
. Turn on the sleep mode, set up the remaining time and fall asleep quietly
 Mood Colors will take care of you, and eventually fade to black and lock your device
.7 layers
.Precise color selection
.Manual / Auto color change
.Brightness selection
.Sleep timer from 1 minute to 2 hours
.Sliding config menu
.Menu shrinks automatically when timer has expired
.Lamp fades to black rather than shutting off abruptly
.Smart handling of device sleep/lock : disabled when lamp is in use, put back on exit or after sleep mode

Litte Star's Thoughts :
Mood Colors by iBurger Apps , Is a great little app that sets the mood for any situation from romantic too lulling your child to sleep . I had the privilege of using this app with my kids and it is fantastic it really mesmerises your child and sets the mood.
I found using this app via my iPad much more affective than using my child's glow worm  and mood light we have .
very easy to co-ordinate the lighting with options fast to Slow and you can control the Brightness , with different pictures you can use from stars to bears or the entire iPad .

Pricing and Availability:
Mood Colors can be purchased for $.99 cents,  from the App Store on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


Little Star A.R.G was given an application code for this review. No other form of compensation was given.

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